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Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 will take place from Monday 13 to Sunday 19 May 2019.

The theme for 2019 is Body Image – how we think and feel about our bodies. To find out more about the campaign visit Mental Health Foundation




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Everybody's different: The appearance game

The aim of this game is to help children understand that differences in appearance are normal and there’s more to who we are than just how we look. The game uses discussion based questions, as well as activities to explore thoughts and feelings around body image, appearance and differences.

Playing the game creates a relaxed environment where children feel comfortable to discuss issues explored within the game, such as:

  • Body confidence and positive body image
  • Visible differences (disfigurement)
  • Diversity
  • 'Body talk'
  • Appearance-related bullying
  • Appearance ideals in the media
  • Putting appearance into perspective

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Positive body image for kids

This complete curriculum will provide childcare professionals with all the tools they need to promote happiness and health in kids aged 7-11.  Focusing on championing each child's strengths and interests to help them flourish without body worries, the guide includes creative activities for classrooms and workshops, photocopiable worksheets and 16 vital staff training sessions.  With imaginative methods for beating peer and media pressures and encouraging healthy living, this current, energetic and ready-to-action pack gives precious guidance on how best to keep kids confident.



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Banish your body image thief

This book uses a host of activities and real-life stories, this imaginative workbook will look at what body image means, how it develops, the impact it can have and how all this applies to your own body image.  Based on cognitive behavioural and mindfulness principles and techniques, it is packed with strategies that will help you change how you think and act in order to build a positive body image, protect your Body Image Vault and banish your Body Image Thief for good!

Engaging, informative and easy to read this unique workbook is suitable for young people aged 10+ to work through on their own or with the help of a parent or practitioner.


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Cool heads: stress essentials

This booklet is aimed at 12-16 year olds.  Part one of the booklet is about things that can make you feel stressed, with tips on what to do about them and ideas on where to look for help or access further information. It's divided into three meain areas of your life - You, Family and School.  Part two of the booklet suggest ways to cope with stress generally and how to change your thinking. 

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Working with young women : activities for exploring personal, social and emotional issues

Packed with fun sessions and practical group activities, "Work with Young Women" presents a multitude of opportunities for young women to build self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness. From art activities to life story work, the author offers ideas for a wide range of projects, games, discussions, drama and role-play to engage and motivate. Issues covered include body image, positive relationships, bullying, keeping safe and healthy lifestyles. This second edition has also been updated and includes a new section on gender and stereotyping. The book features guidelines for facilitating effective group work, ideas on how to get started, and evaluation techniques to end on a positive note. The activities are appropriate for all young women aged 13 to 19, and include suggestions for those who have special educational needs and adaptations for one-to-one work. This book will be essential reading for anyone working with young women, including youth workers, PSHE teachers, pupil referral unit workers,

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Working with young men: activities for exploring personal, social and emotional issues

Working with young men offers a wealth of positive group activities to engage, motivate and meet the needs of young men.  It has been designed to help them improve their self-esteem, raise confidence and develop leadership skills.  The book contains games and activities that explore issues such as anger, peer pressure, risk-taking and emotional health and well-being.  This second edition has been fully revised and updated to include 22 new activities ranging from creative warm-ups that develop communication skills to visualising anger through painting and exploring positive relationships through quizzes and group work. 



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