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Welcome to the Health Promotion Information and Resources Centre's new online ordering system

We are delighted to introduce our new, online ordering system, which is quick and easy to use.  To get started click on the 'Login/Register' button in the top right hand corner of this page and follow the on-screen introduction.  Once you have registered you will be able to choose from a wide range of lending resources such as teaching kits, pull up banners, models, games, DVDs and equipment. 

You can also place orders for leaflets and posters.

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Featured Resources

Alcohol and you : know the facts

This leaflet and accompanying A3 poster, provide information about counting the units, knowing the facts, avoiding the risks and binge drinking. Revised in 2016 to reflect the new alcohol guidelines.

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ABI drinks calculator

This resource helps you to work out the number of units in different types of alcoholic drinks. Revised 2017 reflecting new alcohol guidelines..

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Anti drink drive goggles

These goggles demonstrate that alcohol impairment can have lethal consequences. The goggles simulate the feeling of being drunk, and the very important message can then be "driven home" of not drinking and driving. Instructions enclosed.

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What is a unit? 3-D display

The five 3-D models in this display are designed to help people understand how many units are in popular alcoholic drinks. The beer glass, wine glass, cocktail glass, whisky glass and alcopop clearly demonstrate that the number of units can add up quickly. Each glass shows how much of the beverage constitutes one unit as well as how many total units are in the glass. Comes with a 25 cm x 38 cm display board that looks like a real serving tray, provides places for each of the models to rest, and contains further information.

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Let's eat and drink healthily: cut your cancer risk

This leaflet provides practical guidance on how to reduce the risk of cancer by eating and drinking healthily.

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What's New

Flu, don't take the risk - The flu vaccine is available from October to March.

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