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Seasonal Flu Campaign 2019

Trust the facts. Get the vaccine.

There's a lot of fake news about the flu vaccine. Trust the facts:

  • Fact: flu is much worse than a bad cold – it can be life-threatening
  • Fact: thousands are hospitalised with flu every year in Scotland
  • Fact: you can’t get flu from the vaccine
  • Fact: the flu vaccine is the safest, most effective way to protect yourself from flu

Featured Resources


Work in healthcare? Flu facts

Leaflet aimed at healthcare workers with information about the importance of having the flu vaccine.  Flu campaign 2019.


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Pregnant? Flu facts

Information on the flu vaccine for pregnant woman. Flu campaign 2019.




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Health condition? Flu facts

Leaflet explaining why you should have the flu vaccine if you have a health condition.  Flu campaign 2019.


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Childhood flu immunisation primary school leaflets (Scotland)

A5 leaflet providing information on the flu vaccine for primary school children.  Flu campaign 2019.

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Childhood flu immunisation children aged 2-5 and not yet in primary school leaflets (Scotland)

Childhood flu immunisation in Scotland for children aged 2-5 years and not yet in primary school.  Flu campaign 2019.


More about L131

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